The search for a workshop and new home begins, not as easy as we thought.

YES, we found the location but not affordable.

YES, we found affordable but not the location.

After months of searching and starting to feel slightly disheartened we decided to put the move on hold. Back to focusing on Motorbike Maintenance,Nottingham and the non stop world of British Superbikes.

JUNE 2018 - With the move on hold and a break in the racing calendar we decided it was time for a holiday.

West Scotland and the Borders was the first choice so with the camper loaded, Tina Tuono secured on the bike trailer and with no set plans, we set off on our travels.

A few sunny days spent in Dumfries & Galloway, followed by rainy days getting soaked to the skin riding around Glencoe, the decision was made, down to the Borders we go.

Now to find a campsite, (Note to all - anyone travelling in a converted camper with a motorbike and a trailer, Caravan Club sites will turn you away!)

Hoorah for Selkirk Rugby club, not the prettiest site but having immaculate toilet/shower facilities it does the job. (Another note to all – height restrictions, high roof campers need to contact them before arriving)

As luck had it we had a very famous camper neighbour, YES, we met the dog from the LV insurance advert “aka Toto in the Wizard of Oz stage play”. Although it was denied, we do reckon it was Toto that stole the flipflop (that`s another story)!


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